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While many Digital Advertising agencies discuss Google and social media ad management strategies, few effectively utilize them to drive revenue. It’s time to move beyond the hype and prioritize social media marketing agencies for small businesses. For tangible results, partner with a reliable Digital Advertising Agency like DoodleGenie. We ensure your company’s message reaches billions through strategic social media marketing agency for small businesses and Google ad management, ultimately converting leads into revenue. With our expertise, your business can thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Marketing on the back-burner. For effective results, you will need a reliable company like Doodlegenie to put your message in front of billions of people using social media and Google ad management and convert them into revenue


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Yes, pay-per-click works, but first, you must understand what type of website you have, as this is critical to achieving good overall results. For example, if you run an e-commerce website, PPC can provide fantastic long-term returns. For this, you must build the appropriate campaign, extensions, category, ad group, and call-to-action button for your ad campaign. If you carefully plan your ad strategy, you will undoubtedly achieve positive results.


Yes, you should bid on your brand name because it is easier to rank in the SERP than competitive search keywords. If a user searches for your brand name, they will likely reach your website. However, brand bidding has the disadvantage of being a waste of money and time if it already appears naturally in the search results for your brand name.

If your campaign is working, we can assist you in maximizing traffic from your ads by refining your landing page and ads, conducting daily analysis of your ad performance, and managing it accordingly. We examine where and what keywords are best for your business and use trial and error methods to determine the keywords that will drive significant traffic to your website.

No, the budget is paid directly to Google, Facebook, or Bing based on how many clicks.
Or impressions are shown. We are simply here to assist you in optimizing your advertising for Google, Facebook, and Bing so that you may achieve better results from them. You can also optimize your advertising for pictures or videos based on your budget. However, video advertising is the most effective way to transmit your content to the right customers.

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Unluck Success with the Experts.

Sometimes, the outcomes we expect from working with experts may not align with reality. It’s essential to have clear expectations and communicate them effectively to avoid misunderstandings.

Not all experts are a perfect fit for every individual or project. Personalities, working styles, and methodologies can differ, which might lead to less productive collaborations.

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