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Doodlegenie : Best digital marketing agency

seo Marketing
seo Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Agency 
In Aamchi Mumbai 

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, offering comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our services span all digital marketing services, encompassing content production for both digital and offline channels, technology and UI/UX design services, and branding and marketing execution. We cover everything from SEO and social media management to influencer marketing and Google Ads, including programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation.

With a track record of serving over 400 startups and established brands since 2015, our extensive experience sets us apart as a leading digital marketing agency. We’ve successfully executed numerous social media campaigns, achieved top rankings for thousands of keywords on Google, produced a wealth of motion and static content, recorded millions of sessions, and generated substantial revenues for our clients.

Our goal is to deliver accelerated and sustainable growth for brands through the expertise of our talented team. With the team of 65 professionals, we offer the stability and combined experience of a large agency, coupled with the agility and flexibility to adapt to evolving needs.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of our industry, we understand that our clients seek partners who can empathize with their challenges rather than simply deliver predefined services. That’s why we position ourselves as partners who can support our clients’ marketing endeavors from the ground up or enhance their existing setup to drive digital growth.

With streamlined internal processes, deep subject expertise, and direct access to our founders and core team, we offer unparalleled flexibility, agility, clean reporting, and transparency while safeguarding our clients’ confidential data. These attributes make us a trusted partner for our clients’ digital marketing needs.

Defining Your Goals Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency & Best Digital Marketing Services to Achieve Success

We are a Mumbai-based digital marketing company that offers custom solutions for writing, UI/UX design, branding, and execution of marketing campaigns. We offer SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, Google Ads, programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and automation.

01. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

02. Website Design and Development

03. SMM

04. Branding/ Graphic Designing

05. Ads Management

What is Our Aim?

As a Digital Marketing agency at Doodle Genie, we aim to leverage the power of digital channels and strategies to effectively promote our brand, drive engagement, and ultimately drive business growth. We strive through various digital platforms such as social media, search engines, and email marketing; we aim to enhance the visibility of Doodle Genie, ensuring that our brand is easily discoverable by our target audience. Our primary goal is to attract qualified leads and convert them into customers or clients. By implementing targeted digital marketing services, we aim to drive traffic to our website or other conversion channels and encourage users to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. We aim to foster meaningful connections with our audience through digital channels, engaging with them through personalized content, responding to inquiries and feedback, and providing valuable resources and information that address their needs and interests. We prioritize delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience across all digital touchpoints, ensuring that visitors to our website or users of our digital assets have a positive interaction with our brand. We continuously monitor and analyze the performance of our digital marketing services using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, engagement metrics, and return on investment (ROI). This allows us to identify areas of success and areas for improvement, enabling us to refine our strategies for optimal results. Overall, our aim as a Digital Marketing company is to leverage the capabilities of digital channels and technologies to effectively reach, engage, and convert our target audience, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of Doodle Genie digital marketing company in Mumbai.

What is Our Vision?

As a digital Marketing company, Doodle Genie, our vision is to become pioneers in the digital landscape, setting new standards of innovation and effectiveness in the way we promote and communicate our brand to the world. Our vision encompasses. We aspire to be at the forefront of digital marketing services, constantly exploring new technologies, strategies, and trends to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing emerging platforms and techniques, we aim to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing services. Our vision includes creating memorable and impactful experiences for our audience across all digital touchpoints. Whether it’s through engaging content, immersive storytelling, or interactive campaigns, we aim to leave a lasting impression that resonates with our audience and fosters brand loyalty. We envision building authentic connections with our audience, fostering meaningful conversations, and inspiring action through our digital marketing services. By listening to our audience, understanding their needs, and delivering relevant and valuable content, we aim to cultivate a community of engaged and loyal followers. Our vision includes a commitment to delivering measurable and tangible results that drive business growth and impact. By setting clear goals, implementing data-driven strategies, and regularly evaluating our performance, we aim to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of our digital marketing services. We envision contributing to a sustainable future by incorporating ethical and environmentally conscious practices into our digital marketing agency. From reducing our carbon footprint to supporting social causes, we aim to align our actions with our values and make a positive impact on the world. Overall, our vision as a digital marketing agency is to be catalysts for positive change, leveraging the power of digital channels to inspire, connect, and drive meaningful outcomes for Doodle Genie, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing
What clients say about us
Social Media Marketing
Making use of SEO( Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social media marketing) strategies the company has overall grown and built their work.


Radhika Jhunjhunwala


Building trust in someone with handling their personal social media pages and websites is difficult. But through Doodle Genie things became easier. They also gave a free consultation for around 30 min. This atleast reassured me and then later through post consultation feedbacks they gave me time to think and ask them what can be done for my sales and marketing. Really good work ! Keep it up ☺️


Pradnesh Pawar

Marketing agencies are never built in a day and with a span of 10 years of hardwork they have come so far. I am really happy to be engaged with this company and its activities. They make things so flexible for their clients. With on time service they prove to be a good digital marketing agency.


Harshada Phalsamkar

Doodle Genie is a start-up that not only believes in promising but also fulfilling them. They make SEO practices much simpler with their sincere marketing strategies which aim at growing businesses to the next level. I must recommend this agency to you.


Aditya Todi


The working patterns of this agency is time to time feedback from the customer and make them feel happy with their services which I truly liked about them. They made things easier and convenient in terms of marketing and SEO strategies. Really their staff is also very kind and humble must say that. You must definitely check out what they have to provide.


41 Sandesh Nirbhawane

An amazing company great SEO and digital marketing strategies


Utsav Jha

Social Media Marketing

Connect with Multiple Apps and Services

Preparing content data for your website is crucial for effective communication. Define your brand, gather product details, craft an engaging “About Us” section, provide contact information, select high-quality images, incorporate CTAs, optimize with SEO keywords, and ensure legal compliance. This streamlines development and resonates with your audience.

Updating your brand image is crucial. Factors like industry trends, audience feedback, and business growth play a significant role in staying relevant and impactful. Regular evaluation ensures your brand remains strong and resonates with your audience.

Branding shapes perceptions, builds trust, and fosters connections with your audience. It establishes identity, increases recognition, and drives loyalty. Consistent branding supports marketing efforts, enhances value perception, and facilitates growth. In summary, it’s crucial for long-term success and customer engagement.

eive your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness. It increases business value by 400% and Builds recognitions.

Advertising campaigns drive brand awareness, generate leads, reach new audiences, promote products/services, drive website traffic, build brand authority, stay competitive, and track performance. They’re essential for achieving marketing objectives and driving business growth.

Unluck Success with the Experts.

Sometimes, the outcomes we expect from working with experts may not align with reality. It’s essential to have clear expectations and communicate them effectively to avoid misunderstandings.

Not all experts are a perfect fit for every individual or project. Personalities, working styles, and methodologies can differ, which might lead to less productive collaborations.

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