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158 S Kyrene Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226

Precision Manufacturing

Medivant Healthcare excels in producing sterile injectables vital for healthcare. Our automated facility in Chandler, Arizona, is a hub for producing Single Dose Liquid Injectable vials (1-10 ml). Adhering to cGMP and FDA standards, we prioritize quality and safety in our daily output of 40,000 vials, aiming to alleviate medication shortages across the U.S.

Commitment to Quality

Our operations are defined by stringent quality assurance and continuous innovation. Skilled professionals in our Quality Unit ensure the highest standards through advanced testing in our analytical and sterility labs. Emphasizing research and development, we strive to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing, meeting and exceeding FDA regulations.

What We Do at Medivant Healthcare

Single Dose Vials

Medivant Healthcare produces sterile injectable drugs in our automated Chandler, Arizona factory. Our Single Dose Liquid Injectable vials meet quality, safety addressing US healthcare needs.

Pre-filled Syringes

Medivant Healthcare innovates retina care with Avastin® in prefilled Ompi Alba glass syringes. Our automated process ensures precise dosing and safety, with a 365-day Beyond-Use Date (BUD).

Production Processes

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Chandler, AZ


158 S Kyrene Rd,
Chandler, AZ 85226


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